Behind the Brand


Candice Battle, CEO of DMND Nine-Ten LLC., Entrepreneur

     10 years old in 4th grade is when I knew I was going to be an entrepreneur. As a class project, we had to pretty much make or buy a product, make a poster board, and sell products to our classmates. Made my first ever sale with REAL MONEY. I didn’t make a whole lot, but whatever I made, I got inspired by. During elementary school, I had a small friend group where I would make a club with them. I was the president and planned “meetings” once or twice every week at nutrition and prior to those “meetings”, I would purchase candy from the ice cream truck and award it to them whenever we met. We never talked about anything but the fact that I was the president and teaching myself how to run a team with planned meetings and rewards, told older me that I’m going to be a CEO with employees one day.

     Fast forwarding to high school, I started selling Mexican candy from 25-50 cents and started my sales and hustle journey from there. Later on, upgraded to a variety of hot chips and a variety of full-sized skittles and chocolate bars. I feel in love with selling, making my own money, being my own boss, and managing profits and inventory.

     Received my diploma from Performing Arts Media Academy at Carson High. Graduated from El Camino College with an AS in Photography and studied marketing as well. Now, I’m continue my journey as a young, Black CEO, Alpha Female, and an entrepreneur- motivating all.


The story behind DMND Nine-Ten LLC.


     DMND Nine-Ten LLC. was established in 2023 with the goal to motivate, manifest, and inspire.

     In 2020, I was working as a service porter at an AutoNation dealership. During slow times, we sometimes didn’t get cars coming in for service for 45 mins to an hour a few times during the day. During my down times, I would bring out a composition book, write down, and plan what I really wanted to do for my future. I sketched up a few logo designs, pages full, until I created the right logo. Found the purpose for the brand, created the official logo and wrote that down. I seen a future for DMND Nine-Ten right off the bat. I ended up getting another job and was working 2 jobs, so the brand was not focused on. Late 2022 is when the brand was taken more seriously. The move was in silence until it was officially permanent. Growth, New Beginnings, and Success is what we’re chasing. It’s what we’re bringing into fruition!

     DMND Nine-Ten was planned in 2020, executed in 2022, launched in 2023. My goals with this company is to create a brand that gives motivation and inspiration, and to show what you could do if you believe in yourself and your process. Wear what you manifest. Wear what you believe in.